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Why Vendors Should Partner with EcoZero

There’s a revolution brewing around the world.

People are demanding sensible investment in sustainable, renewable energy and cleaner technology.

These demands don’t require government rules and regulations. Instead, consumers and businesses can work together to build a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future for our planet and for our communities in ways that also make economic and financial sense.

EcoZero is committed to making this future a reality.

We’re champions of a system that generates zero waste and finds new and creative ways to reuse, repurpose, and recycle resources. We’re also invested in bolstering our local community and economy, keeping money flowing to local businesses whenever possible.

For our part, we work closely with local restaurants, processors, and businesses to transform used cooking oil into clean-burning biodiesel fuel.

Partnering with EcoZero can help your business grow and become part of the movement to build a better future. Here’s why you should partner with us.

Build a more sustainable future

By partnering with EcoZero, your company can become part of a solution for creating a more sustainable future. Not only does this cycle of sustainability provide a useful and valuable service to restaurants, it provides an affordable and renewable fuel source for all types of local companies.

Companies and vendors that partner with EcoZero send a strong message to their customers, staff, and the public that they support building this future.

Save money

In addition to the tangible and intangible benefits of switching to a renewable fuel source, your company can actually save money while saving fuel and cutting carbon emissions.

For most businesses, using carbon-neutral biodiesel is a cheaper alternative to other fuels.

If your business is spending a lot on fuel costs and could improve for lower costs and improved efficiency, then EcoZero can help you cut your overhead without making any sacrifices to the quality or service that you provide.

Almost any business would love to find savings with such a simple change.

Help boost the local economy

One of the most important aspects of our mission to build a culture of sustainability is supporting local business and the local economy in British Columbia. The entire EcoZero supply chain is built to circulate more money locally.

First, we work with local restaurants to dispose of their used cooking oil. This used to cost restaurants money to store, manage, and get rid of the oil. Instead, we pay them a market rate for their oil and handle all of the logistics required to store and transport it to facilities.

Secondly, the used oil is taken to local processing plants where it’s converted from cooking oil into renewable and sustainable biodiesel.

Lastly, we partner with area companies to provide the biodiesel fuel for less than the cost of other fuels and help local businesses cut costs while switching to a sustainable transportation system.

All told, vendors can see huge benefits by making the change and partnering with EcoZero.

It’s a sustainable cycle that lowers emissions, solves problems, and boosts the local economy.

Join us to make this a future possible. Contact us today to learn more.

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