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Why Restaurants Should Go All-In On Recycling Used Cooking Oil

For decades, used cooking oil has been for restaurants all over the world.

After being used to cook all kinds of tasty foods, the oil itself really served no purpose. It was messy, heavy, and difficult to move and manage. It was a constant source of frustration.

But it doesn’t have to be a headache for restaurant owners.

There’s a slick solution to dealing with used cooking oil.

That used-up oil can be converted into environmentally friendly biodiesel fuel that will power vehicles locally. Plus it can be turned into a profit center, rather than an expense.

Rather than simply throwing the oil away, restaurants can get paid for that oil by a company like EcoZero.

Recycling used cooking oil is a simple, effective, and smarter option. For restaurants, recycling oil just makes sense.

With a reliable vendor, there are no drawbacks and only advantages to be gained for the company. Not only is it a responsible and sustainable thing to do, but it also removes the burden of having to store and dispose of used oil–it’s really a win all around.

Here are the top 3 reasons your restaurant should recycle its used cooking oil.

1. It supports local business

Studies show that every $100 spent within a local economy generates $43 in additional economic activity within that community.

Recycling used cooking oil helps support local businesses by providing the necessary materials for local processing plants that turn the oil into biodiesel fuel and also providing affordable, sustainable fuel that is then used by all kinds of local companies to power trucks and other vehicles.

That money stays within the economy, creating jobs, lowering costs, and providing an economic engine for new businesses.

EcoZero is a local, BC-based business that serves the needs of the community. We partner with local restaurants, processors, and companies to facilitate the recycling of cooking oil and the creation of clean biodiesel.

2. It’s easier–and cheaper–than disposal

In terms of simple dollars and cents, recycling used cooking oil is a clear win for restaurant owners.

Disposal companies often charge as much as $35 per pickup to to take away used oil. That doesn’t include the costs of managing that used oil, employee time to collect it, and any other costs associated with storing the oil.

This is an unnecessary business expense that can be completely eliminated and, instead, turned into a simple, ecofriendly profit center for the business.

Rather than paying to have your oil taken away and disposed of in some other way, you can actually receive a payment for that used oil, which will then be recycled into fuel.

EcoZero pays competitive market rates for used cooking oil and then provides reliable pickup and transportation to the processing facility. It’s easy to see why this makes sense for restaurants.

3. It’s good for the planet

Last–but certainly not least–it provides a simple and effective way for your restaurant to reduce its waste and help contribute to creating a cleaner, healthier planet.

Recycled cooking oil is transformed into clean-burning, sustainable biodiesel. Each liter of oil is directly converted into a liter of biodiesel, which can help save millions of liters of gasoline from being burned each year–each liter reduces CO2 emissions by up to 16 pounds.

Our company is committed to helping transform our community and economy into one with zero waste. We want to find ways to provide clear incentives for companies to act in eco-friendly, sustainable ways.

In this case, it’s clear that restaurants can take this simple step to help the local economy, reduce waste, and earn some extra revenue in the process.

If your restaurant is interested in in learning more about our cost-effective oil recycling solutions and programs that are environmentally friendly, contact us today.

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