What We Do

Transform Your Used Cooking Oil Into Something Better

Helping local businesses grow while shrinking their carbon footprint.

EcoZero was born because we realized that an incredible resource was being wasted in our area: used cooking oil. Though some companies already take it and recycle it, they are doing so by selling to US companies. Moreover, many aren’t paying local businesses for that oil.

Our goals are different. We see used cooking oil as a local resource that should benefit our area and stay in BC. That’s why we offer fair market value to the businesses who recycle their oil with us and why we ensure this valuable resource is used to produce a renewable fuel in BC for BC.

Our Services


Used Cooking Oil Collection


There’s no need to let a valuable resource go to waste. We recycle fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from thousands of organizations across Metro Vancouver.


Grease Trap Services


We keep your grease traps clean so fats, oils, and grease (FOG) stay out of your plumbing and the city’s sewer systems.

Want to know how EcoZero can help you increase your recycling efforts at your home or business? Learn how.

What you might consider trash, EcoZero calls resources – just a simple change in perspective. This is why we describe what we do as resource recovery. EcoZero implements recycling programs and builds infrastructure at its facilities to recover recyclables and reduce landfill-bound materials. This recovery process is crucial in reducing the impact of waste on our environment, and moving beyond waste. 

Want to know how EcoZero can help you increase your recycling and composting efforts at your home or business? Learn how

EcoZero: A World Without Waste

Zero waste is more than just a goal for the communities in which we live and work – it’s a goal for ourselves; especially in how we work and with whom we partner. EcoZero has taken significant measures as a company to work towards zero waste. Want to get there with us? See what we can do, and reach out to partner with us. Let’s get there together.

Partnering With Communities

EcoZero sees communities as partners. If we don’t work together to determine how to reach zero waste, it simply won’t work. Every community is unique and faces different challenges when it comes to recycling. We understand these nuances, so after conducting a thorough site visit to better understand existing recycling programs, we work with businesses and communities to identify areas for improvement. Our partnerships with municipalities and commercial customers have yielded some of the industry’s greatest diversion successes. EcoZero’s mission represents a fundamental shift from traditional waste management or recycling to resource recovery. We seek to eliminate waste by developing and discovering sustainable resource recovery practices that can be implemented globally.

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