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Want Stronger Governmental Action on Climate Change?

From November 30th until December 11th, 2015, government representatives from all corners of the world will be traveling to Paris, France for the 21st annual “Conference of the Parties” or COP21. Of critical importance during this conference will be to achieve an international agreement on keeping our world’s global warming to below 2 degrees C. Climate researchers agree that elevating our global warming 2 degrees more than it is today (and which we are slowly climbing towards every year) will have catastrophic effects on our world, our eco-systems, our resources, and our lives as we know it.

The Vancouver Economic Commission, with strong support from the City of Vancouver, BC Chamber of Commerce, the Government of BC, and the Government of Canada, have launched an awareness program for the Vancouver business community called the “Vancouver Climate Pledge.” EcoZero immediately took this pledge to publicly demonstrate our support that stronger action on climate change is needed.

Our business mandate is entrenched in battling climate change – we believe in supporting green, alternative, renewable, low emission fuel sources in Canada; this is why we commit 100% of the used cooking oil we collect to produce locally-made, zero-emission biodiesel. Sure, this limits us, and yes, this affects our profits, but we aren’t in this business for only money. We are a business with a social conscious and we are committed to providing a greener, brighter future for our earth, and our children.

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