Making Waste Less Wasteful.
And Paying You to Help.

Helping local businesses grow while shrinking our carbon footprint.

Environmental Stewardship with a Clear Return On Investment for You

EcoZero was born because we realized that an incredible potential resource was being wasted in our area: used cooking oil.

Though some companies were already taking it and recycling it, they were doing so by selling to US biodiesel companies. Moreover, many weren’t paying local businesses for that oil.

Our goals are different. We see this used cooking oil as a local resource that should benefit the area and stay in BC.

That’s why we offer fair market value to the businesses who sell their oil to us and why we ensure this valuable resource is used to produce biodiesel in the BC area.


We are dedicated to supporting the ecological, social and economic sustainability of our world as champions of zero waste.


To think beyond today and invest in solutions for a better environment tomorrow by converting waste to resource.

To inspire and challenge companies and communities to achieve the highest reduction, reuse and recycling goals by being a steward for social causes and a pioneering company that holds sustainability highest.

Providing the world with a brighter, cleaner and safer future – a future fueled by renewable and sustainable energy by putting in place the team and processes that ensures the company operates effectively and efficiently.

More about EcoZero

Just because you don’t have a business that needs to dispose of used cooking oil doesn’t mean you can’t connect with us.


We’re looking for smart, talented, forward-thinking people who can better help us to serve our clients and encourage sustainability.


We’re always excited to have members of the press speak with a company spokesperson and share our message with the world.


If you’re a potential investor interested in supporting our vision or a current investor who’d like to talk, you can contact us here.

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