How You Can Dispose of Your Used Oil
and Make Good Money Doing It

Our 3-Step Process Makes It Easy for You

Environmental Stewardship with a Clear Return On Investment for You

Get In Touch

We make it convenient for you to reach out to us and get the information you need – at anytime from anywhere.

That’s why you can schedule a pickup time online or over the phone, and why our knowledgeable staff is always happy to talk more about what we do so you can be confident in choosing our service.

We Come To You

After you schedule your appointment, your job is done. On the designated day and time, a truck will be sent to your business and one of our experienced professionals will collect your used oil quickly and efficiently.

All you have to do is ensure that they have access to the oil in the easy-to-use disposal containers which are provided free of charge. We’re in and out quickly – and leave behind a clean working environment for you.

You Get Paid

What do we charge to provide you with this helpful service? We don’t – we’ll pay you. And we guarantee you’ll be impressed with our rates.

Once our driver has collected your used oil, you can expect payment every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more? Call 604-945-8864 to speak with a knowledgeable customer service representative.

Is there a cost to use your service?

Not only is there no cost to use EcoZero, we pay you for your used cooking oil.

Do you clean grease traps?

Yes! We are excited to now offer this service as well. See GREASE TRAPS

How much cooking oil can you take? Is there a minimum?

For commercial kitchens we take a maximum amount of 4000 kg and a minimum of 100 kg per pick up. For residential pick up we take a minimum of 200 kg and all oil must be in containers no smaller than 16 kg each.

Can I get paid for oil stored in buckets or jugs?

No. If you wish to receive payment, all oil must be stored in one container per location. This means commercial kitchens must store all oil in a container larger than 100 kg (our minimum pick up amount for commercial kitchens); and residents must store all oil in a container larger than 200 kg (our minimum pick up amount for residents).

How often do you collect the oil?

The frequency of our service and size of the bin you are given will be based on your individual businesses needs.

Who will be picking up my oil?

EcoZero uses fully trained and experienced drivers in specially designed diesel trucks. The strict licensing standards of our operators and drivers means we will deliver the highest level of operational safety, quality, and compliance to our customers.

Why does EcoZero pay?

We believe that all waste is a resource. By paying people and organizations for their used cooking oil, we hope to encourage the recovery, recycling, and reuse of materials.

How much does EcoZero pay, and how often?

We offer fair market value for the used cooking oil that we take from clients. Our payments are made on a monthly basis.

How do I save my used cooking oil?

We provide commercial kitchen customers with free containers for waste cooking oil storage. If you do not wish to get paid but would like us to pick up your oil from your home or business, you must store the used cooking oil in containers no smaller than 16 kg each. Please review our minimum requirements for this option.

Who can use EcoZero’s service?

We work with any business that needs to dispose of used cooking oil from individual restaurants to larger chains, school and hospital cafeterias, food manufacturers, and more.