Grease Trap Services

Grease Trap and Interceptor Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Improperly maintaining your grease trap/interceptor can lead to plugged up drains, clogged pipes, nasty odours, and expensive repairs.

Plus, you could be found in violation of Metro Vancouver Bylaws that state grease traps must be cleaned at least every 90 days.

Avoid stiff fines, time-consuming repairs, offensive odours, and costly downtime with EcoZero’s professional environmentally-conscious cleaning and maintenance services offered at very competitive rates.

EcoZero Advantages

Thorough cleaning in and around grease trap area for sparkling workspace
All activities documented onsite for kitchen inspection compliance
Meet or exceed regulatory standards with knowledgeable technicians
Flexible scheduling for servicing at your convenience
Fast turnaround time
All products biodegradeable

Important Grease Trap Information for Customers

Food Sector Grease Interceptor Regulatory Program Overview

Link to Metro Vancouver Food Sector Grease Interceptor Program website

Metro Vancouver Food Sector Grease Interceptor Bylaw No268-2012

Link to Metro Vancouver Food Sector Grease Interceptor Bylaw

Sample Grease Trap/Interceptor Maintenance Log Sheet

Grease Trap Log Sheet template courtesy of the Victoria Capital Regional District