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EcoZero Featured Partners

EcoZero is proud to work with some of the best partners and clients across British Columbia

Although not everyone sees the full process behind the scenes, there are many players that are critical to the success of our business and help us on our mission to achieving zero waste.

One vital piece of the process is the business or restaurant that partners with us. We have the pleasure of working with a number of local businesses to help them find a more sustainable (and profitable) way to dispose of their unneeded cooking oil.

But, once we pick up the oil, we rely on our partners at the other end of the process in order to transform the refuse into something that’s usable, useful, and valuable. Our partners transform the oil into fuel that can be used by other individuals and companies throughout the community.

We’d like to highlight some of our featured partners and clients that help make the entire process possible and help all of British Columbia become a bit cleaner and greener.

Featured Client:

Pacific National Exhibition

One of Canada’s best-known destinations for events, exhibits, and concerts, Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) has entertained millions of on people for over 100 years.

Throughout the years, they have gone through a huge quantity of cooking oil at vendor stand and snack bars. The oil was often a burden, costing money for disposal and taking up space for storage.

But, not any more.

EcoZero has partnered with WCS (Waste Control Services) to help PNE turn the oil they use into clean-burning biodiesel. We work with WCS to handle the UCO and Grease Traps for PNE, which means that our team collects the oil on site and then transports it to our storage facility. From there, it’s combined, cleaned, and filtered. After that, it goes on to be transformed into usable, renewable fuel for cars, trucks, and other equipment.

In a way, the tourism industry is helping to power itself–creating a cycle of clean energy and transportation.

We’re extremely grateful for the opportunity to service such a staple institution in Vancouver and throughout the country.

Learn more about Pacific National Exhibition

Featured Recycling Partners:

Bailey Sanitary Landfill (Chilliwack)

The sanitary landfill in Chilliwack is a place for disposal of all kinds of waste. Along with working with EcoZero to transform spent oil into fuel, they also provide safe disposal of hazardous materials like asbestos waste and collect used and unused drywall and other building materials.

Learn more about the Bailey Sanitary Landfill

Mission Recycling Depot (Mission)

The Mission Recycling Depot gives residents a safe place to dispose of many household items and products that shouldn’t be thrown in the landfill. In addition to working with us to process used cooking oil into diesel fuel, they also styrofoam, batteries, cell phones, paint, and many other products to for safe and responsible disposal.

Learn more about Mission Recycling Depot

Abbotsford Recycling Depot (Abbotsford)

Providing recycling services to the Abbotsford and Mission communities, this community service organization not only helps process and recycle material. They also host local events and education programs for residents.

Learn more about the Abbotsford Recycling Depot

North Shore Recycling

Focused on creating a zero-waste environment in British Columbia and abroad, North Shore Recycling (Emterra Environmental) is a leader in innovative waste disposal, recycling, and resource management. Our team is lucky to work with a company at the forefront of sustainable waste systems and processes.

Learn more about North Shore Recycling

If you are interested in becoming one of EcoZero’s preferred partners, contact us today.

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