Bylaw & Regulation Compliance

EcoZero’s oil collection and grease trap cleaning services can help you avoid stiff fines.

Did you know that businesses can be subject to major fines if they do not comply with local food waste regulations?

Yes, all food-related businesses’ (i.e. food services like restaurants, concession stands, etc and food processing businesses) waste management activities must comply with government bylaws and regulations. EcoZero can help you meet these standards to avoid re-inspections and stiff fines through their oil collection and grease-trap/grease interceptor cleaning services.

Metro Vancouver spends approximately $2 million a
year unclogging sewers blocked by grease.


How grease gets in the sewer:

  1. Grease and food waste goes in the sink
  2. Grease interceptor may be too small or full
  3. Grease goes in the sewer
  4. Grease builds up and blocks sewer
  5. Sewer backs up and overflows

Image courtesy of Metro Vancouver

Responsible Food Waste Management Resources for Businesses

We are proud to support and partner with like-minded businesses and people because we truly care about everyone’s success. To support our customers success, we have searched out some food waste management regulatory compliance resources to help you with your food-related business (see below). Contact us for more information.

Grease & Commercial Kitchens

Food sector brochure courtesy of Metro Vancouver

Food Sector Grease Interceptor Regulatory Program Overview

Link to Metro Vancouver Food Sector Grease Interceptor Program website

Metro Vancouver Food Sector Grease Interceptor Bylaw No268-2012

Link to Metro Vancouver Food Sector Grease Interceptor Bylaw

Sample Grease Trap/Interceptor Maintenance Log Sheet

Grease Trap Log Sheet template courtesy of the Victoria Capital Regional District

Recycling Regulations for Food Processors

Link to the BC Food Processors Association website